George W Bush Told the Nation

Tom Paxton har gjort en ny version av sin sextiotalslåt om Vietnam ”Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation”. Fast den här gången handlar texten om George W Bush och Irak:

George W. Told the Nation

Text och musik: Tom Paxton, 2007 (bearbetning av Paxtons ”Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation”, 1965)

I got a letter from old George W.,
It said, ”Son, I hate to trouble ya,
But this war of mine is going bad.
It’s time for me to roll the dice;
I know you’ve already been there twice,
But I am sending you back to Baghdad.”

George W. told the nation,
”This is not an escalation,
This is just a surge toward victory.
Just to win my little war,
I’m sending 20.000 more,
To help me save Iraq from Iraqis.”

And, so, I made it to Iraq
In time for one more sneak attack,
And to my old batallion I was sent.
We drive around in our Humvees,
Listening to The Black-Eyed Peas
And speaking fondly of the president.


Celebrities all come to see us,
Grateful they don’t have to be us,
Politicans show their best face card.
Where is Bubba? Where’s our leader?
Where’s our favorite lip reader?
AWOL from the Texas National Guard.


If you’re hunkered in Fallujah
Wondering who it was who screwed ya,
Wondering what became of ”Shock and Awe!”
You are feeling semi-certain
It has to do with Halliburton,
Dick Cheney’s why you drew that fatal straw.


Den här sången finns än så länge inte ens på någon kommersiell CD. Ljudupptagningen på Sing Out!-CDn är från Tom Paxtons turné i Storbritannien. Men noter och ackord hittar du alltså i Sing Out! nummer 2 2007.

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